Shoeboy's Nano Protect spray

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Shoeboy's Nano Protect Spray for shoes

Shoeboy's Nano Spray. Tested as the best shoe spray by Shoeboy's retailers. Innovative spray to make shoes and clothing water-repellent and dirt-repellent. Due to the high-tech composition of this product, dirt and moisture will no longer have a chance to adhere or be absorbed.

How does the spray for shoes work?

The active ingredients of Shoeboy's Nano Protect spray form nanostructures on the surface of the shoes, which form an extremely protective film. With proper and regular use, the material of shoes and clothing will become truly waterproof. Repeat the treatment with the spray as soon as the moisture no longer remains on the material as beads. These shoeboys last longer than a 'normal' shoe spray.

This spray is not suitable for patent leather!