Terms and Conditions

General Sales, Delivery and Payment Terms and Conditions of Celeris Benelux

Article 1 - General definitions

In these Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:

Client: A natural person or a legal entity who instructs Celeris Nederland to perform work/services.

Article 2 - The agreement.

1. The agreement is concluded after the customer has paid the amount due.

2. Buying custom-made riding boots

After measuring, Celeris will prepare an order form. After 50% of the amount due has been paid (cash or by PIN payment) and the order form has been signed by the customer, the agreement has been concluded.

3. Buying all other items outside the webshop.

The agreement is concluded as soon as the customer has ordered the items and made a 50% deposit.

Article 3 - Reflection period

The legal terms apply to all our services and ordered products, except for custom-made products and boots.

In fact, this means that you have a 14-day cooling-off period for all products ordered in the webshop. This reflection period starts after you have received the products.

If you wish to cancel the purchase, you can make this known in our webshop within 14 days of receipt of the delivered goods. You will then receive instructions on how to return the products. Naturally, the products may not have been used and must be returned in the original packaging.

As soon as the products are received by Celeris in unused and pristine condition, the amount paid by the customer will be refunded to his or her account immediately. Celeris will also pay for any shipping costs paid.

Reflection period never applies to custom-made products. So not for our custom-made boots either! You therefore cannot use the right of withdrawal.

Article 4 - Compliance terms

The deadlines for compliance are only approximate and therefore do not apply as strict deadlines. Default due to exceeding the compliance terms will never give the client the right to compensation or to terminate the purchase agreement.

Article 5 - execution of the work

Celeris Benelux will carry out the assignment properly and carefully, represent the interests of the client to the best of its knowledge and ability and carry out its work to the best of its knowledge and ability, taking into account the requirements set and to be set by law.

Article 6 - Guarantee Boots and Jophers

With a consumer product such as riding boots and jophers, it is always difficult to determine how long they should last and what the color fastness is. This of course depends on how the boots are used and cared for and to what extent. In any case, you have a 60-day warranty on color differences, tears and stitching. Despite this limited warranty, we would like to emphasize that Celeris Benelux will always do everything it can to resolve problems with your boots and/or jophers. If the size is incorrect, Celeris Benelux will correct this and, if necessary, order and deliver a new pair of riding boots with the correct sizes. Naturally, this does not apply to boots fitted by the customer himself.

Article 7 - Applicable law

All offers and/or quotations made by Celeris Benelux, by whatever name, as well as all agreements concluded with Celeris Benelux are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

Article 8 - Change, explanation and location

The most recently filed version or the version as at the time the agreement was concluded always applies.

Article 9 - Canceling agenda appointments

Cancellations of appointments must be made no later than 36 hours before the agreed time.

The following cancellation conditions apply to cancellation of appointments:

– if canceled up to 36 hours before the start, the client does not owe any costs

– if canceled within 24 hours before the start of a fitting session, the customer owes 100% of the amount for the appointment.