Measuring days

December 20 2022 – Marije Hubers


Celeris Measurement Days

To increase our accessibility, we regularly organize measuring days! This way we are more accessible to multiple customers, without losing sight of our service.

During a measuring day we reserve 45 minutes per appointment. This is the same amount of time as if you were to come into one of the studios. You also don't have to rush on the measuring days!

We organize fitting days on the following days. If you want to come with 2 at the same time, book 2 appointments one after the other, or send us a message!

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Measurement days 2023

JANUARY 21 | Belgium |SBH Stables | Steenbeekstraat 33 Vrasene

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FEBRUARY 10 | Gils Stables | Steenovensebaan 55, Dorst

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